The time is here for making merry and eating loads. This can
also include copious amounts of alcohol. Now we are all well aware of the
dangers of drinking and driving, and unless you are a resident of the planet
“stupidity” you would not drive to the pub, drink alcohol then drive

It is worth noting then that a large proportion of the
drink drive convictions that happen over the Christmas period are as a
consequence of driving the morning after a night on the beer.

You see many
people under estimate how long it takes for alcohol to leave the body. There is
a popular misconception that when you get home a drink of water and a good
night’s sleep will get you back to normal. Sorry to burst the bubble but it
takes a little longer than that.

On average it takes
around 1 hour for every unit of alcohol that you drink to leave your body. A
pint of Stella Artois lager is about 3 units, a double vodka is about 3 units. Therefore a
night out consisting of 5 Pints and 3 double vodkas would mean that you would
require a 24 hour period to be sure of not being over the limit. Just because
you feel fine doesn’t mean that the alcohol is no longer in your system.

Being over the drink drive limit can see you with a 6 month
driving ban. If you are still inside your 2 year new driver probationary period
you will not only lose your licence but will have to re-take your theory and
practical test. If you cause an accident and injuring someone while over the
limit you could find yourself in prison and with a criminal record. If you need
your licence for work then you may lose more than just the ability to drive.

Is it really worth the price? Can you take the risk the
morning after or would it be more sensible to call a taxi?

We hope you make the right decision and have a fun but safe

Merry Christmas from
the whole Mini Drive team.