Learning to drive has never been a cheap thing to do. So
here are some tips to learning to drive on a budget.

First of all make sure you pick a driving instructor that has a good
reputation. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. A good driving
instructor will generally save you money in the long run as you will require
fewer lessons. Cheap doesn’t always mean best. 50 hours at £15/hour is almost
£100 more expensive than 30 hours at £22/hour.

Second make sure you are prepared for each lesson. If you are too tired or
unwell this can affect your ability to learn the necessary skills.

Private practice with parents or relatives will help gain experience. Once you
get to a particular skill level with your instructor they will be able to
advise what to practice. It’s the same principle as learning a musical
instrument. Have a lesson then go home and practice. The more practice the
better you get.

Driving is a practical skill so by its very nature it takes practice to get it

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Insuring a car to practice in can be expensive.
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private practice

When studying for your theory make sure you do enough. It’s not as straight
forward as some will have you believe, and at £31 (as of jan2012) its again not

The best way to study is with a CD-ROM or DVD where you can practice the test
and get guidance on driving theory. You may have a friend or relative that can
lend you one or you can buy one for as little as £5.

Learning to drive properly does cost money but if you’re careful and invest your
money properly you can significantly reduce the costs.