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When I ask many students at the end of a lesson how the theory study is going the answer is usually “alright”. Drilling down a little further can reveal that the student is ok with most parts but finds some areas a challenge. 2 of the most popular are Road Signs and Motorways.

The theory test is made up of sections. For example road signs and motorways are 2 sections, but there are hazard perception questions, rules of the road questions, as well as vulnerable road users, first aid and vehicle documentation questions to name but a few. The theory test is made up of a number of questions drawn from each section so it only takes a weakness in 2 of those sections and you can find yourself struggling to pass.

Road Signs.

The first thing to learn with road signs is the shapes and their meaning.

*Triangular road signs are warning signs.

*Round road signs give orders and instructions – Round Blue signs give positive instructions i.e. things you must do. Round signs with a red ring around the edge are negative instructions i.e. things you must not do.

*Square road signs are for information.

When faced with a road sign question “what does this sign mean?” first ask yourself what type of sign it is. Warning, Order, Information. Then look at the answers and discount any answers that don’t match the shape.

For example the sign above is a warning sign for a Pedestrian Crossing Ahead. Looking at the answers you may have the following:

A: No Pedestrians
B: No Walking
C: Pedestrian Crossing
D: School Crossing ahead

Based on the shape theory, answers A and B are wrong because they are orders. So it’s a decision between C and D and because it is a large person between 2 dotted lines it makes more sense to be a pedestrian crossing than a school crossing. So through a process of elimination we find the answer.

There are many study guides out there to help with Theory practice and they don’t cost the earth.

Theory Test Success is the most popular and, in my professional opinion, the best value for money. It allows you to practice specific sections of the test and explains each answer.

For road signs get this book it has them all with explanations. Know Your road Signs