I recently posted a facebook comment regarding the merits of pass plus, and in response to those people who didn’t see the point of it when it didn’t reduce their insurance premiums.

are people gonna realise that the public road is a very dangerous and
life threatening place to be if you are not properly prepared! Passing
the test is only a way of showing you have a basic competence behind the
wheel. It takes Practice to become a
competent driver and that costs money!! Far too many people make cost a
higher priority than their own lives! The uk road network, especially
the motorways, are some of the busiest and most dangerous roads in
europe! You think you can pass a test and then drive the M6 through Brimingham, or M25 round Heathrow at 8:00am the following morning? Think
again! Whether insurance comes down or not courses like pass plus,
motorway lessons, IAM courses are all priceless when compared to your
own lives! This is 2012 people not 1912!!!”

It’s a valid point. I mean how much is your life really worth? We see time and time again in local and national press, news stories of road accidents involving young drivers. The statistics are frightening. 2 out of every 3 new drivers will have a road accident in the first 2 years of driving! many of them involving serious injury. Yet we still see teenagers and parents alike pushing to get through their test so they don’t have to pay for more lessons.

We appear to live in a society that still believes that 10 hours of lessons should be enough. That you are some kind of freak if it takes more than than this to pass your test. As mentioned above this is 2012 not 1912! Modern day roads are busier than ever. When new roads are built they are wider and have more lanes to cope with the ever increasing traffic levels. The driving test is as hard to pass as it’s ever been so again it needs practice to gain the proficiency needed.

So here are the facts…

The roads can Kill….FACT

The roads do kill….FACT

Quality training prevents the roads from Killing….FACT

Quality training cost money…FACT

£155 for a pass plus course from MINI DRIVE could save your life….FACT